common questions:

Each time I tried to run this game, I got a message box reporting some dll files missing, what should I do?

The Directx version on your computer is too old, you need to upgrade it before you run this game. Directx is a multimedia acceleration driver released by Microsoft, you can download the newest version of directx from http://www.microsoft.com/directx for free. It's easy to upgrade directx too, you just need to run the setup file and then click the 'next' button again and again.

2. How can I upgrade my game if I buy it?
As a registered user, you'll receive an email from us once the new version is released, then you can download the new FULL VERSION for free, no problem!

3D Live Pool FAQs

The game window looks too small, what should I do?
You can drag edges of the window to resize it.

It runs too slow on my computer.
You may improve the frame rate by:
1.Click preference->optimization to uncheck some effect options.
2.Play this game under a 16bit color mode instead of 32bit.
3.Play it in a smaller game window.

Battle Pool FAQs

I played the game for a while, and now it won't run when I start it.
You have been playing Battle Pool in the demo mode. This mode restricts the amount of time you can play and requires that you purchase the full version to continue playing. Click here to buy the full version.

Known Problems:

Users of Diamond Stealth III S540 and ATI Rage Fury 128 video cards may notice their cursor disappear if they are not using their mouse. To fix these problems, open the 'mouse.txt' located in the game directory, change the number '1' to '0', remember to save before you quit then relaunch the game.

Users of the Matrox Millenium G450 video card may experience significant video problems. Currently there is no fix for this issue.

Users of the ATI Rage Fury 128 video card may experience significant video problems. To fix these problems, update to the latest video drivers. Please see your video card manual for information on how to do this.

Soko Hunter FAQs

1. Can all levels be solved?
Of cause! All levels are seriously tested by us and our beta testers, all of them can be solved. Further more, you can download the solutions from http://www.etiumsoft.com/hunter_answer.htm.

Magic Pieces FAQs

1.Some levels are too hard for me,where can I get the solution files?
Please send a mail to support@etiumsoft.com, we'll email you the solution files.

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